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Social Media Marketing

Instagram, Vlogging, Blogging, Facebook, Influencers

Consistency is essential to expressing your brand's identity and attracting your target audience. We will curate content for your feeds one month in advance, so you know exactly what's going to be posted ahead of time. Want to swap an image or a message out? Not a problem. We will manually post content with high converting hashtags to your social media platforms 5 days a week, posting at optimal times when you're more likely to see large volumes of engagement.  

Our Process

Increasing Brand Awareness and Growing Followers

High caliber followers equal high quality customers, but how do you get them? We know how find and convert the right audience to get you the results you need to succeed. We spend hours daily to make sure that your brand is getting the recognition it deserves, while ensuring that your demographics, followers, interest and behaviors all reflect those of your ideal customers. 

Building Strong Connections and Engagement

The more engagement you have on your feed, the more you'll be rewarded in the algorithms of Tik Tok, Facebook & Instagram. Building strong relationships using interactive, well thought out, on brand content is the key to winning social media. People buy from people they like. 

Increasing Web Traffic 

When your social media traffic increases, so does your website traffic. Increased traffic means increased leads and sales. We focus on developing social media funnels that drive high traffic to your website, consistently. 

So how exactly do we accomplish all of this?

5. Develop strategies specific to Your Business

We first will sit down with your team for a research session to find your ideal audience, who they follow, who they interact with, and what messages resonate with them. That will help us define, create, and implement an effective content strategy. 

2. Create Content Calendars

Once you agree to the strategy that we've developed, we will be begin implementing it. Your unique, on brand, social media content calendar will be created one month in advance. Your posts, along with their captions will be always be planned and scheduled in advance. Want to move something around or change a caption? You'll have full access and the flexibility to do so. 

6. Daily Maintenance + Growth Optimzation

We monitor all social media activity across all accounts, from comments and messages to reviews and aim to respond to all within 24 hours. We will optimize and grow your account daily by using organic tactics such as contents, following and hashtags, so you can focus on building your business.

7. Reports

You will receive monthly reports from your dedicated social media manager for you to review. We are constantly optimizing by using analytics for better results. 

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