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Building your Brand

People don't buy services, they buy a lifestyle

By establishing a consistent look for the content you post on your social media accounts, you are building your brand's identity and attracting your target audience. It's imperative that your visual content strategy illustrates the "top 3" (What do we have to offer? Who are we? Who is our audience?"

Our Process

1. Brand Audit & Discovery

We will begin by having you complete a branding questionnaire, so we can better understand your business. Here you will be able to tell us about your overall vision for your business, ideal customers, and competitors. Primarily you will share your brands aspirations and illustrate samples of existing brands you like. This will help us tailor to your particular business needs and thrill you with our branding services. 

2. Creating a Mood Board

As with any professional design project, we begin by designing a mood board. This is a critical step in creating the foundation and the direction of your brand. We can't build your brand without your input, so constant communication is essential, this way we can ensure our initial drafts are on par with your vision. 

3. Aligning with your vision

We will give you our professional advice on branding strategies, but your approval and overall satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us. We will work with your team every step of the way to ensure you're completely satisfied. 

4. Crafting a Voice & Content Creation

Once we have your approval, our team will being curating original content that is in-line with your new brand. We will curate beautiful lifestyle images that are on par with your new brand, with captions to go with each video and image. Additionally, we will select a filter that is unique to your brand, to give all of your social media platforms an aesthetically cohesive look and feel. 

5. Making it cohesive

Now that we have it all, we'll upload your new content into our feed planner where your social media will come to life. You sign off on it, and we'll get to work. Start watching your followers & engagement grow!

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